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2014 Asian Conference
May 9 - 11, 2014
Tokyo, Japan
Submission Deadline; November 15, 2013
Decisions: January, 2014
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2014 Napa Conference
April 4 & 5, 2014
Napa Valley, California
Submission Deadline: November 18, 2013
Decisions: January, 2014
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2014 European Conference
June 11 - 13, 2014
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Submission Deadline: December 2, 2013
Decisions: February, 2014
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2014 Applied Finance Conference
May 16, 2014
St. John's University, Manhattan Campus
Submission Deadline: January 3, 2014
Decisions: February, 2014
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2014 FMA Annual Meeting
October 15 - 18, 2014
Nashville, Tennessee
Submission Deadline: January 15, 2014
Decisions: April, 2014
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In addition to our flagship journals, Financial Management and Journal of Applied Finance , FMA publishes the FMA Survey and Synthesis Series , a collection of books addressing timely issues from both academic and practitioner viewpoints.

Members receive subscriptions to both journals, substantial discounts on Synthesis Series titles, and access to journal archives.

To submit manuscripts, read forthcoming articles, order Synthesis Series books, or login to the Member Only section for access to journal archives and more content, simply click on the publication name below.



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The Financial Management Association International (FMA) provides the most comprehensive listing of doctoral candidates, degree holders, and their prospective employers in finance and its related disciplines in the finance market.

Our listings provide user friendly databases for quick and easy access to the positions and candidates you are seeking.

From April 1 through August 1, access to the Placement section of the web site is reserved for those individuals and/or institutions who have listed either resumes or available positions. On August 1, all current FMA members will receive the username and password to access the Placement section.

2014 FMA Placement Clearinghouse Information


FMA sponsors over 200 undergraduate and MBA-level student finance clubs around the world.

Student members receive a number of special benefits geared specifically to their educational and career goals, have the opportunity to participate in a number of competitions, and are invited to attend the annual Finance Leaders' Conference, a two-day seminar tailored specifically to finance students.

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The FMA Fellow Designation

The FMA Fellow Program was established in 2000 to provide recognition to individuals who have made significant contributions to the profession.

These contributions may be through distinguished scholarship as evidenced by someone's contributions to the literature throughout his/her career or the contributions may have gone beyond academic scholarship by supervising PhD students, writing books, editing journals, or through work with professional associations like FMA.



FMA sponsored and co-sponsored awards include:

Pearson Prize for Best Paper in Financial Management (awarded bi-annually)

Conference Best Paper Awards

Awarded for the Annual Meeting, European Conference, and Asian Conference Programs, competitive paper awards are based on a combination of reviewer scores from the initial paper evaluations and recommendations of the respective program's track chairs.


Latest Addition!

Luigi Zingales
2013 FMA Annual Meeting Keynote Address

FMA's vast archive of content available to current members includes:

  • Video presentations of keynote addresses, panel session, and interviews with leading researchers in the field
  • PDF and other print media addressing the interests of faculty, practitioners, and undergraduate/MBA and doctoral students

On-line content includes:

  • In a special section designed to be most useful for doctoral candidates, content includes guidance on careers, teaching, writing, and publishing.

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  • Spanning over a decade of print and video content, our academic content section covers virtually every facet of finance – from banking to governance to financial distress to taxes – teaching notes, primers and book reviews.

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  • We are especially interested in bringing together academicians and practitioners with interests in financial decision-making through our conferences, publications, and forums such as a special section of the FMA web page.

    As part of our mission to bridge the gap between finance theory and practice, FMA regularly publishes articles on topics of special interest to practitioners, holds special panel sessions geared toward practitioners' interests at our annual conferences, and offer practitioners the opportunity to hear from some of the leading voices in the profession such as Myron Scholes, Michael Jensen, and Ed Altman.

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  • The Perspectives section includes:

    • Interviews
    • Video presentations
    • Invited articles
    • Roundtable discussions

    featuring the teaching, thoughts, and musings of some of the most well-known pioneers in the profession.

    pi∑o∑neer (p-nÓr)
    1. One who ventures into the unknown or unclaimed.
    2. One who opens up new areas of thought, research, or development
    3. Leading the way; trailblazing

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The Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee is comprised of experts drawn from academic institutions and private organizations who meet each quarter to identify and analyze public policy issues regarding the financial services industry. Each meeting concludes with one or more policy statements written to clarify policy issues and recommend improvements in regulatory policy. The Committee is independent and reflects a wide range of views. The Shadow Financial Committee sections include policy statments on topics such as LIBOR, Dodd-Frank, TARP, etc.

For further information about the U.S. Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee and links to the Shadow Financial Regulatory Committees in Asia, Europe, Japan and Latin America.

→ US Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee Statements
(2000 - current)

→ Asian Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee Statements
(2004 - Current)

→ European Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee Statements
(1998 - 2012)

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