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Current Issue: Spring 2018 (Volume 47, Issue 1)

  • Mutual Fund Managers’ Prior Work Experience and Their Investment Skill
    Rui Chen, Zhennan Gao, Xueyong Zhang and Min Zhu
  • Mandatory Worker Representation on the Board and Its Effect on Shareholder Wealth
    Stefan Petry
  • The Shareholder Base Hypothesis of Stock Return Volatility: Empirical Evidence
    Hakan Jankensgard and Anders Vilhelmsson
  • Informed Options Trading Prior to Dividend Change Announcements
    Jun Zhang
  • The Propensity to Split and CEO Compensation
    Erik Devos, William B. Elliott and Richard S. Warr
  • School Holidays and Stock Market Seasonality
    Lily Fang, Chunmei Lin and Yuping Shao
  • Corporate Cash Holdings and Acquisitions
    Erik Lie and Yixin Liu
  • CMBS Subordination, Ratings Inflation, and Regulatory-Capital Arbitrage
    Richard Stanton and Nancy Wallace

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Mergers & Acquisitions curated by Gordon Phillips - Recently Released!

During 2010-2017, Financial Management (FM) has published 25 articles focusing on merger and acquisition (M&A) activity - 10.7% of the total articles FM published during this time period. To focus my review, I limit myself to examining articles that FM has published on M&A in the last five years. While some articles in FM on M&A focus on methodology or data issues, the majority focus on whether M&A creates value for the claimants and in some cases whether M&A creates value to society. I thus further focus on the articles that examine whether M&A creates value. Click here to read the full issue.

Previously published virtual issues, include:

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