Officers, Directors, Trustees & Editors

Board of Directors

Michelle Lowry, Drexel University (2023-2024)

President Elect
Mara Faccio, Purdue University (2023-2024)

Immediate Past President
Reena Aggarwal, Georgetown University (2023-2024)

Jeffrey Pontiff, Boston College (2023-2024)

VP-Program Elect
Jarrad Harford, University of Washington (2023-2024)

Immediate Past VP-Program
Raghavendra Rau, University of Cambridge (2023-2024)

VP-Global Services
Christine Parlour, University of California Berkeley (2023-2025)

VP-Practitioner Services
Amy Edwards, US Securities and Exchange Commission 

Executive Committee

Michael Goldstein, Babson College (2022-2027)

Chair-Student Chapters Committee
Karen Ann Craig, Eastern Michigan University (2023-2026)

Chair-Publications Committee 
Jeffrey Coles, University of Utah (2022-2025)

VP-Financial Education
Renée Adams, University of Oxford (2022-2024)

At-Large Academic Directors
Audra Boone, Texas Christian University (2022-2024)
Alex Edmans, London Business School (2022-2024)
Lalitha Naveen, Temple University (2022-2024)

At-Large Regional Academic Director
Anup Agarwal, University of Alabama (2023-2025)

Asia/Oceania Academic Director
Utpal Bhattacharya, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (2023-2025)

European Academic Director
Alexander Ljungqvist, Stockholm School of Economics (2023-2025)

Practitioner Directors

Nina Boyarchenko, Federal Reserve Bank of New York (2022-2024)
Jane Buchan, Martlet Asset Management LLC (2022-2024)
Dalida Kadyrzhanova, Federal Reserve Board (2023-2025)
Mark Kritzman, Windham Capital Management (2022-2024)
Michael Piwowar, Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets (2023-2025)
Lori Walsh, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) (2023-2025)

Board of Trustees

Ajay Patel, Wake Forest University (2014-2024) (Chair 2020-2023)
Brad Barber, University of California, Davis (2018-2025)
William Christie, Vanderbilt University (2017-2024)
Jeff Coles, University of Utah (2020-2027)
Reena Aggarwal, Georgetown University (2023-2030)
John Graham, Duke University (2019-2026)
Kai Li, University of British Columbia (2018-2023)
Ronald Masulis, University of New South Wales (2021-2028)
Robert Parrino, University of Texas at Austin (2022-2029)

Financial Management Editors

Michael Goldstein, Babson College (2023-2025)
Kathleen Kahle, University of Arizona (2022-2025)
Shawn Thomas, University of Pittsburgh (2022-2025)

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Survey & Synthesis Series

Laura Starks, University of Texas at Austin (2016-2022)

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FMA Online Executive Editor

John Banko, University of Florida (2019-2025)

Election Results from 2023

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Historical Board and Officers