Resources for Doctoral Students

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Doctoral Student Consortia

Doctoral Student Consortia includes a panel session with distinguished scholars discussing the latest advances in research and offering career advice. The afternoon breakout sessions give participants the opportunity to present job market papers or dissertation proposals and receive feedback from the faculty and panelists. Accepted participants receive complimentary conference registration. Doctoral students may also submit papers to present at FMA conferences by participating in the general call for papers.

Exclusive Research & Online Library

Gain access to an extensive online library of articles from Financial Management and Journal of Applied Finance as well as videos on topics ranging from international corporate finance and risk management to banking and asset pricing. Other topics include:

  • Raghuram Rajan's "Are Capitalism and Democracy Failing Us?"
  • Mike Jensen's "Beyond Agency Theory: The Hidden and Heretofore Inaccessible Power of Integrity"
  • John Graham's "Optimal Capital Structure" (Video) Sneak Peek 

Writing, Presenting & Publication Advice

Learn from the thousands of seasoned faculty members and practitioners as they share their experiences on the pitfalls of research agendas, journal publication and tenure reviews. Other topics include:

Career & Teaching Guidance

Understand new teaching strategies, incorporating software technology into courses and learning styles with resources to help you successfully fulfill your teaching responsibilities. Other topics include:

  • Alex Butler's "The Academic Job Market in Finance: An Updated Rookie's Guide"
  • Krishnan's, Bathala's, Bhattacharya's, and Ritchey's "Teaching the Introductory Finance Course: What Can We Learn from Student Perceptions and Expectations?"
  • Raghu Rau's "Career Concerns: The Dark Side vs. the Ivory Tower" (Video) - Sneak Peek