Financial Management Recently Published Issues

Current Issue: Summer 2020 (Volume 49, Issue 2)

  • "Mispriced index option portfolios" by George M. Constantinides, Michal Czerwonko, and Stylianos Perrakis
  • "Crowdfunding models: Keep‐It‐All vs. All‐Or‐Nothing" by Douglas J. Cumming, Gaël Leboeuf, and Armin Schwienbacher
  • "Director attention and firm value" by Rex Wang Renjie and Patrick Verwijmeren
  • "Director overconfidence" by Randy Beavers and Shawn Mobbs
  • "A project‐level analysis of value creation in firms" by Jonathan B. Cohn, Umit G. Gurun, and Rabih Moussawi
  • "Local religious beliefs and municipal bond market outcomes" by Alex Annan Abakah
  • "Bank capital buffers in a dynamic model" by Jochen Mankart, Alexander Michaelides, and Spyros Pagratis
  • "Cybersecurity breaches and cash holdings: Spillover effect" by Priya Garg
  • "The effects of rural–urban migration on corporate innovation: Evidence from a natural experiment in China" by Deqiu Chen, Huasheng Gao, Jiang Luo, and Yujing Ma
  • "Within‐syndicate conflicts, loan covenants, and syndicate formation" by Nishant Dass, Vikram Nanda, and Qinghai Wang

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Forthcoming Articles & Archives

Special Issue on FinTech - Curated by Prof. Christine Parlour (University of California, Berkeley)

“FinTech is a catchall phrase that covers a myriad of changes in the marketplace. The purpose of this special issue is to lay out some of the ways in which we as researchers can approach FinTech and what it tells us about the world.”

  • "The future of fintech" by Sanjiv R. Das
  • "The roles of alternative data and machine learning in fintech lending: Evidence from the LendingClub consumer platform" by Julapa Jagtiani and Catharine Lemieux
  • "Insights from bitcoin trading" by Pankaj K. Jain, Thomas H. McInish, and Jonathan L. Miller
  • "Cryptocurrencies: Stylized facts on a new investible instrument" by Albert S. Hu, Christine A. Parlour, and Uday Rajan
  • "Machine learning and asset allocation" by Bryan R. Routledge

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Virtual Issues of Financial Management

Recently Published Virtual Issue: Mutual Funds curated by Russ Wermers

The research on actively managed mutual funds is vast in scope—reflecting the rapid growth in the presence of mutual funds in the world economy.[1] Over the past decade, academic researchers have generated new insights about mutual fund performance that eluded prior research—both due to the lack of data and due to scientific advances in the understanding of the mutual fund organizational structure and industrial organization.  In this virtual issue, I explore several papers of great interest that have been published in Financial Management—i.e., those that I deem to be particularly innovative in their exploration of mutual funds. For sure, many other excellent papers have been published on mutual funds in FM. Yet, I decided, in this issue, to focus on those papers that break new ground in some of the economic drivers of this industry, which I also believe will help to guide young researchers who are seeking future topics of interest. Click here to read the full issue.

Previously published virtual issues, include:

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