Financial Management Recently Published Issues

Current Issue: Spring 2020 (Volume 49, Issue 1)

  • "The investment behavior of buyout funds: Theory and evidence" by Alexander Ljungqvist, Matthew Richardson, and Daniel Wolfenzon
  • "Order anticipation around predictable trades" by Mehmet Sağlam
  • "Endogenous debt maturity and rollover risk" by Emanuele Brancati and Marco Macchiavelli
  • Evangelos Vagenas‐Nanos
  • "Fund selection, style allocation, and active management abilities: Evidence from funds of hedge funds’ holdings" by Chao Gao, Timothy D. Haight, and Chengdong Yin
  • "Foreign market portfolio concentration and performance" by Sturla Lyngnes Fjesme
  • "Vertical integration as an input price hedge: The case of Delta Air Lines and trainer refinery" by Abdullah Mohammed Almansur, William L. Megginson, and Leonid V. Pugachev
  • "Price discovery and persistent arbitrage violations in credit markets" by Hai Lin, Kasing Man, Junbo Wang, and Chunchi Wu
  • "Corporate Governance and Financial Peer Effects" by Douglas (DJ) Fairhurst and Yoonsoo Nam
  • "Required return on equity when capital structure is dynamic" by Na Dai and Louis R. Piccotti

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Forthcoming Articles & Archives

Special Issue on FinTech - Curated by Prof. Christine Parlour (University of California, Berkeley)

“FinTech is a catchall phrase that covers a myriad of changes in the marketplace. The purpose of this special issue is to lay out some of the ways in which we as researchers can approach FinTech and what it tells us about the world.”

  • "The future of fintech" by Sanjiv R. Das
  • "The roles of alternative data and machine learning in fintech lending: Evidence from the LendingClub consumer platform" by Julapa Jagtiani and Catharine Lemieux
  • "Insights from bitcoin trading" by Pankaj K. Jain, Thomas H. McInish, and Jonathan L. Miller
  • "Cryptocurrencies: Stylized facts on a new investible instrument" by Albert S. Hu, Christine A. Parlour, and Uday Rajan
  • "Machine learning and asset allocation" by Bryan R. Routledge

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Virtual Issues of Financial Management

Do Managers Have Style? curated by Antoinette Schoar - Recently Released!

The idea that leadership matters for organizations could be as old as organized society itself. Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, famously said, “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” Written more than 3000 years ago this quote foreshadows two major themes that have proven to be very important for the research on corporate leadership and the market for CEO talent. The first theme focuses on the significant differences in management abilities and management styles across CEOs and top managers. Related to this research agenda is the quest to understand where these differences in styles (or the “lions” versus the “sheep”) come from and how they are formed. The second theme emphasizes how managers translate and implement their specific styles in large corporations, and what are the corporate levers through which these decisions get implemented within the firm. Click here to read the full issue.

Previously published virtual issues, include:

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