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Do Well-Connected Directors Affect Firm Value?

Using social network analysis, Thomas Omer, Marjorie Shelley, and Frances Tice investigate whether well-connected directors increase firm value and if firms with well-connected directors have higher market value, after controlling for their operating cycle, investment opportunity sets and market competition.

Reenergizing the IPO Market

Jay Ritter addresses why IPO volume, and especially small company IPO volume, has been depressed for more than a decade. Ritter discusses the effect of tick sizes on the IPO market, the number of jobs created by companies going public, and the effect of alternative venues for cashing out and raising capital.

An Address by Myron Scholes, 1997 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences (Video)

In this keynote address, Scholes explores not only his current research, but hypothesizes on the three things responsible for the current economic crisis. “For a new method to determine the value of derivatives."

Bank Supervision and Regulation After the Financial Crisis (Video)

A diverse group of panelists describe the Federal Reserve's revised approach to large bank supervision, discuss several challenges that this has created for the banking industry, and evaluate where we stand in terms of balancing regulatory benefits and costs from a public policy perspective.

Recently Published Survey and Synthesis Book Series

The FMA Survey and Synthesis Series is a collection of monograph-type books providing concise information on a diverse set of topics (e.g. Asset Management, Consumer Credit and Mortgage Valuation Models). FMA members receive a 35% discount on Series' titles logging into the members-only section of the website.

Exchange-Traded Funds and the New Dynamics of Investing by Ananth N. Madhavan
(July 2016)

  • Features the first academic treatment of ETFs and passive index investing
  • Makes several controversial claims, including the argument that ETFs are a disruptive innovation
  • Stems from the author's academic background and industry experience
  • Explores an important and under-studied area of finance; ETFs are the fastest growing segment in the mutual fund industry

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Asset Management: A Systematic Approach to Factor Investing by Andrew Ang
(August 2014)

Professor Andrew Ang presents a comprehensive, new approach to the age-old problem of where to put your money. Clearly written yet full of the latest research and data, Asset Management is indispensable reading for trustees, professional money managers, smart private investors, and business students who want to understand the economics behind factor risk premiums, to harvest them efficiently in their portfolios, and to embark on the search for true alpha.

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Survey and Synthesis Book Series