Career Guidance for Undergraduate & MBA Students

Designed specifically for students, FMA's Career Resources help guide you on your desired career path. 

Careers in Finance

Careers in Finance (CIF) is designed to provide information on what professionals in finance do, what types of decisions they make, what types of interrelationships they must deal with, and what skills and abilities they must have to be successful. The guide contains:

  • Articles written by individuals in the careers you are interested in
  • Job descriptions compiled from questionnaires completed by individuals holding junior, middle, and senior management positions and from formal job descriptions provided by personnel departments of various corporations
  • Articles describing various aspects of continuing education and professional certifications in finance

"How to Get a Job" - New & Improved Version!

The transition from the classroom to the boardroom is not easy. It requires a thorough, systematic approach to a variety of complex, inter-related tasks. FMA's "How To Get A Job" is a step-by-step guide to help you from the job search and application stage to the interview and salary negotiation stage.

Internship Guides & Job Search Tips

Student members also have access to a guide to online resources on jobs, finance news, and education resources as well as a compilation of internship, analyst, and MBA Associate programs. - Updated for 2025 programs!

Ultimate Guide to the Technical Finance Interview and Technical Finance Interview Question Bank

Student members can register to receive complimentary access to these technical interview guides provided by Wall Street Prep; a $99 value!

FMA Undergraduate & MBA Students Job Board & Resume Bank

This board, designed for those seeking jobs and candidates for entry-level practitioner (non-research) positions in finance, has more than 150 finance positions at companies such as American Express, Bank of America, General Electric, HP, and Proctor & Gamble.

Understanding Certifications

If you have trouble understanding the difference between a CFA, CFP, CIC, ChFC, or any of the other financial certifications, you're not alone. FMA provides a comprehensive listing of the most common finance certifications, what they entail, and how to reach the issuing bodies. Click here to learn more.

Finance Research and Exclusive Content

FMA's comprehensive online library includes papers and videos on topics ranging from behavioral finance, capital structure, econometrics, IPOs and portfolio management as well as exclusive articles and handbooks on topics from leading scholars, such as Michael Jensen and Myron Scholes.

Financial Management

Considered one of the leading academic finance journals, Financial Management publishes empirical research on financial management of non-financial businesses, financial institutions, and public/private not-for-profit organizations. If you are considering continuing your academic career beyond your undergraduate degree or perhaps even thinking about a doctoral program, the journal's content will help prepare you for future research. All members have access 20+ years of archived articles!

Journal of Applied Finance

Established in 1991 as Financial Practice & Education (FPE) and renamed in 2001 as the Journal of Applied Finance (JAF), the mission of the journal is twofold: (1) to encourage and disseminate academic research that is relevant to practice, and (2) to advance the frontiers of relevant academic research through academic and practitioner forums of all types and through hypothesis generation leading to research relevant to practice.

Perspectives of Pioneers in Finance

FMA's special compilation of interviews, video presentations, invited articles, and roundtable discussions with the pioneers of modern finance, including perspectives from Franklin Allen, Edward Altman, John Bogle, Michael Jensen, Myron Scholes, and Rene Stulz.

FMA Online Videos

FMA maintains an archive of videos featuring prominent finance researchers and practitioners – and even the authors of your textbooks!